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Brand: Hornady Ammo | MPN: 81621 | Use: Hunting (Deer, Hogs) | Caliber: 6.5mm PRC | Grain: 143 | Bullet: Polymer Tip | MUNITIONS EXPRESS
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Hornady Precision Hunter 6.5mm PRC 143gr ELD-X 20/Box

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HRNDY 81621
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Hornady Precision Hunter 6.5mm PRC 143gr ELD-X 20/Box features a streamlined secant ogive with optimum boat tail bullet (projectile) design, plus highly concentric AMP bullet jackets plus Heat Shield tip combine for radically superior aerodynamic efficiency. The Heat Shield bullet tip defies the effects of aerodynamic heating and retains its shape to maintain the highest-in­-class BC over its entire trajectory. Upon low velocity, 400+ yard impacts, the Heat Shield tip drives backward into the bullet to initiate expansion. Exhibiting controlled expansion with a large mushroom and 85­-90% retained weight, the bullet provides deep penetration and large cavities. This ammunition is built for hunting medium game (50 to 300 lbs), and large game (300 to 1500 lbs). This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, boxer primed, in reloadable brass cases.


- Caliber: 6.5mm PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge)
- Bullet Weight: 143 Grains
- Bullet Style: Polymer Tip
- Case Type: Brass

- Muzzle Velocity: 2960 FPS
- Muzzle Energy: 2782 FT LBS
- Test Barrel (in): 24

- Lead Free: No

- Primer: Boxer

- Corrosive: No
- 20 Rounds Per Box
- 200 Rounds Per Case
- 10 Boxes Per Case

9 Reviews

  • the best all around cartridge for hunting

    Posted by Chris Spauding on Nov 13th 2020

    I finally got a case of this 6.5 prc. I have been on your waiting list for almost two months. I use this cartridge for everything from whitetail deer to far out coyotes. Hornady needs to step up its production of this ammo. I think hornady is trying to promote its new 6.5 arc and has stopped producing as much 6.5 prc. What a shame! Hornady makes some of the best rifle cartridges if you can find it. Please tell hornady to start producing more of the 6.5 prc instead of 6.5 arc. This is a tough cartridge to find these days. I thank the munitions team for holding me a case. You guys are terrific and I am already on the list for a case of the 6.5 prc hornady match. My new place to for my ammo. Your company is the best out there.

  • the best 6.5 prc

    Posted by Todd Bowman on Jul 22nd 2020

    I thank you guys for the invitation to review this ammo. This is by far the best 6.5 prc ammo. Most folks I talk to use this ammo for deer hunts but I use it for long range hog hunting. This results of this bullet on hogs shows how effective this round is. Last weekend I killed three hogs. This is my primary deer and hog hunting ammo. I am ready for deer season. I am all stocked on this ammo thanks to you guys. Thanks for stocking this ammo.

  • My choice for deer

    Posted by Albert Mendoza on Jul 15th 2020

    The 6.5prc is my primary deer hunting rifle that I use every season. It is hard to beat the accuracy of the precision hunter 143 grain. I bought five boxes three weeks ago and now I regret not buying more. I hope your company is getting more of these in stock. I shot thought two of my five boxes to get my deer scope sighted and ready. I will keep checking back to see when you have more in stock.

  • My ammo for hunting hogs in FL

    Posted by Lisa Wright on Jun 29th 2020

    I got a great deal on this 6.5 prc 143 grain. I called and spoke with Harold to check about availability and he was very nice and offered to answer my questions about placing an order. I originally was only going to order a few boxes but I ended up ordering a case. Everything arrived just like I had ordered. I really love this round and how it shoots. This is one wicked round on hogs. It leaves a massive channel and quickly stops hogs. On my days off me and my husband go hog hunting. So exhilarating. I will be buying more of this from you guys. We have told all our friends about munitions express. I am sure when they need ammo they will be ordering from you guys. too.

  • shoots very accurate

    Posted by Bill Wellington on Jun 18th 2020

    This 6.5 prc is very accurate and is my choice for hog hunting. Hogs do not stand a chance. I will buy more. After taking out over a dozen hogs with this cartridge I can say the eldx bullet is what makes the difference.

  • fantastic deal on fantastic ammo

    Posted by Ralph Morgan on May 17th 2020

    Thank you Munitions Express for an amazing deal on this 6.5 prc. My cousin told me about your website and said that your company was the best place for buying ammo. He was so right. We Wyomians enjoy long range hunting and that is just what this Hornady precision hunter 6.5 prc is made for. I killed two bucks last season with this round. I really like the design on this bullet. The kill factor is quick and humane and takes down bucks breaking through hard bone and cartilage for excellent penetration. The two bucks I killed last season fell over and did not get back up. I will be back to buy more ammo soon. I applaud Munitions Express for being the best for ammunition anywhere. I will be a repeat buyer from your company.

  • the best long range 6.5 prc hunting cartridge ever

    Posted by David Bledsoe on May 15th 2020

    Munitions Express always has amazing deals on ammunition, especially on this Hornady 6.5 prc 143 grain. I ordered a case from your company and I paid 31.59 per box. Not only did your company have the best price, your company had this ammunition is stock. Thank you for not price gouging during these times like so many others online. I really think your company deserves to be recognized for having fair prices and not taking advantage of everybody. Your company gets 10 bright stars from me for the best place online to buy ammunition. I could write so many other things that I really like about your company but this is supposed to be a review of the ammunition. To make a long story short, I have been long range whitetail hunting with this 6.5 prc for almost two years. I have dropped many whitetails out here in Wyoming from my stand out to 500 yd. I have dropped a total of 4 whitetails with this cartridge. Out of that 4 only one managed to get up and run and make me track it. The only reason I had to track that one was because of where I placed the shot. This cartridge is accurate and really goes the distance. This cartridge leaves a nice channel and fully expands. At 500 to 600 yd there is no bullet exit and it stops whitetails fast. For years I hunted with 270 win now all I hunt with is 6.5 prc. To me being able to land an average of 20 shots in 4in group out to 400 yds is being accurate. Getting the shot where you want it and the angle of the deer always affects where I place my sight to land the best kill shot. Without hesitation I can easily recommend this 6.5 prc to any long range whitetail hunter out there. The 143 grain eldx bullet continues to impress me. Hornady makes the best hunting cartridges on the planet. When I load my rifle with anything Hornady I know I will be able to land my shots effectively. Thank you Hornady for continuing to make the best modern ammunition in the world.

  • buying more of these today

    Posted by Mark Neal on May 9th 2020

    I purchased three boxes of this 6.5 prc 143 grain for my new mossberg patriot last month. This is the most accurate round I have shot though it yet. I have shot other brands in similar bullet weight but hornady hunter eldx is by far the winner for me. This bullet is wicked fast. I now prefer my 6.5 prc rifle over my 30 06 rifle. So far I am accurate out to two hundred yards out of my 24in barrel. I am hitting the target every time. I still havent pushed the outer limits of my rifle or this round. I am so excited that I bought my rifle in 6.5 prc. After months and months I finally made the decision. So glad I did. I prefer the 6.5 prc over any other rifle calibers I own. I am ordering three cases today so I can continue to get my new rifle broken in. It is fun target practicing, but now I am ready for deer season again. I have already shot through the three boxes I purchased last month and now I am ready for more. By the time deer season in SC comes around I going to be deadly accurate with my new rifle.

  • hunting whitetail deer in Wyoming

    Posted by Brian McDonald on May 3rd 2020

    Thanks Munitions Express for the great deal on the three boxes of 143 grain 6.5prc. I am all set and ready for white tail in Wyoming. It is hard to beat this round for hunting whitetails. Last year I shot a whitetail out to nearly 300yds. The 6.5prc in 143 grains is my favorite for long distance whitetail hunting. Thanks for having these for purchase. I will continue to buy all my hunting loads from your company.

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